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Concept Memtec Combi-Air MemoryFoam Mattress

  • Concept Memtec Combi-Air Memory Foam Mattress
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Product Description

Concept Mem-Tec Memory Foam Mattress Collection

The Memtec Combi-Air range of Concept memory foam mattresses are specially designed to enhance the moisture management properties to ensure a cooler and dryer night's sleep.  Excessive sleep-perspiration causes uncomfortable and disturbed sleep, the Memtec range is specially designed to provide a remedy for this common sleep complaint. The Memtec has been engineered to have three dimensional air channeling; a corrugation design at the top of the surface of the memory foam allows the air to flow more freely around the body.  This results in a much cooler night's sleep without compromising any of the pressure point relieving characteristics of sleeping on a memory foam mattress.  

  • 6cm of High density memory foam with special 3D air-flow corrugation design sculpted on top of foam surface
  • 5cm LayTech layer
  • 10cm Reflex foam layer
  • Patented 3-Dimentional Spacer offering a uniquely cool nights sleep by improved airflow around the body
  • Greater moisture discharge than standard knit cover
  • Pressure relieving
  • Laytech layer for improved blood circulation and more bounce




Memtec CombI-Air uses Concept Memory Sleep's patented 3D-Spacer, meaning the uniquely cool nights sleep offered by the Memtec range cannot be found in any other memory foam mattress.   The comparison table below shows just how much the 3D-Spacer fabric out performs the Standard Knit alternative. 

3D Spacer V Standard Knit - Coolness Comparison
  Moisture discharge by a dispenser at 37C and 95% RH Moisture absorption of total discharge Free drying Residual moisture
3D-Spacer 8 Hours 36% 8  Hours 4%
Standard Knit 8 Hours 57% 8 Hours 55%


Concept Memory Sleep Memory Foam Products

Concept Memory Sleep are UK manufactured memory foam mattresses using Vasco Visco-Elastic foam the defacto standard for memory foam mattresses of the highest quality.  

Concept Memory Sleep offer memory foam mattresses, memory foam toppers and memory foam pillows to suit all individual preferences.  

The present collections offered by Concept Memory Sleep are:

  • Premium - a medium feel (MD) memory foam with Coolmax cover, 
  • Deluxe - a medium firm (HD) memory foam with Coolmax cover, 
  • Memtec - Specifically designed for extra moisture discharge for a cool nights sleep, 
  • Coolblue - Uses the Ultra-hygienic, cooler alternative to visco-elastic, 
  • Gelflex - uses Laygel to create a gel-laytex feel for ultimate comfort , 
  • Pocket Flex - combines a traditional pocketspung mattress with a layer of memory foam, 
  • Laytec - better than natural latex, identical in its feel but lasts longer, 
  • Comfort - a low-cost memory foam mattress using Reflex foam , 
  • Sleep Extreme - a range of low-cost memory foam mattresses to suit all preferences, 
  • Topper - memory foam topper, 
  • Laytec Topper - memory foam topper using alternative longer lasting laytec material
  • Traditional Shape Pillow - made with memory foam
  • Profile Shape Pillow - made with memory foam.


Memory Foam Types

Laytech Foam

Laytech foam is an advanced polyurethane foam.  Laytech memory foam is an alternative to laytex, its identical in its feel but lasts longer.  All laytech is treated with Ultra-fresh.

Vasco Foam

Vasco foam is the defacto standard for a high quality memory foam mattress, the Vasco layer is the top layer that moulds to your body shape to relieve pressure points that cause uncomfortable sleep.  Vasco memory foam comes in different densities to suit all people comfort preferences.

Reflex Foam

Reflex foam is the bottom layer of the memory foam mattress, a firmer layer of foam to support the above Vasco foam. 

Comes with a 15 Year Guarantee 15 Year Guarantee!

25cm Mattress

Stress Free Next Day Delivery


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